Antimicrobial Barcode Scanner for Healthcare

The antimicrobial L-22X is designed specifically as a healthcare solution to ensure a sanitary product without hindering the integrity of the device itself. 

The L-22X is tested to withstand the harsh cleaning agents commonly used to sterilize products used in the healthcare industry.  

A Reliant, Ergonomic, Safe, Affordable, and Lightweight Barcode Scanner with 2 Years of Warranty! 

Why Barcode Scanners with an Antimicrobial Coating?

Patient safety and cleanliness are of the utmost importance to healthcare professionals. Our antimicrobial scanners are made of a material that prevent the growth of bacteria but nonetheless it remains important to clean the scanner from time to time.

Features of the L-22X

Opticon L-22X antimicrobial from the top

Ensure Staff and Patient Safety

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As wipes and other sanitation products are used frequently for this purpose, it is important that the products and the cleaning agents that you use will not erode the scanner over time. For full details on how to clean the L-22X, check this document.

L-46X antimicrobial being disinfected

Protect your patients and staff by minimizing the risk of spreading germs 

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User Cases

One of our partners using our scanner for Covid testing

Opticon L-22X antimicrobial from the top
Features of the L-22X

The L-22X is a welcome addition to our cabled scanners product range. The 2D image scanner has a modern design, scans at a speed of 100 fps, and is designed to balance perfectly in your hand. As a result, the scanner delivers a comfortable scan experience. 

The features of the L-22X: 

  • Anti-microbial
  • High-speed 2D CMOS imager 
  • Custom configuration capabilities including multi-read 
  • Durable – survives 1.5-meter drop to concrete
  • IP42 rating against dust and moisture 
  • Trigger modes: manual, auto-trigger, and stand detection 
  • Communication interface: USB or RS232
  •  Improved scanning of curved, wide, and poorly printed barcodes  
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From the start, over 40 years ago, Opticon has been one of the first companies in the world to specialize in manufacturing barcode scanners. At the time, barcode scanning was a revolutionary new technology used to identify information at any location. Inventory management, asset management, order picking; all these disciplines made huge progress on efficiency thanks to Opticon’s barcode scanners.


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Patient and medication registration in hospitals

L-22X antimicrobial in a hospital
L-22x being used to scan a patient bracelet
L-46X antimicrobial in a hospital environment
L-46X antimicrobial being disinfected
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Disinfecting Guidelines