An innovative mobile solution developed by Sensational

Publish date: 18-05-2017

Mobile solution, sensational

Sensational developed a user friendly application for the H-27 to create an innovative mobile solution for the healthcare and food services industry.

Sensational is an international developer of mobile solutions based in Switzerland. They developed an application and combined these with Opticon’s H-27 to create the perfect ordering solution for B2B distribution companies and their customers. They chose the H-27 for the versatility, the large user friendly screen and the familiar operation system; Android.

The application is customizable and enables distributors to create a stronger relationship with their customers. One of these distributors is Pistor. Pistor is a leading food service company and delivers frozen, fresh and dry goods to the hospitality sector. After its launch the Pistor online ordering system, which was developed by Sensational, quickly established itself.

Pistor is a satisfied user of Sensational’s application and Opticon’s H-27. Do you want to know why? Download the whole case study here.