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Reduce the Risk of Bacteria Spread

Good hygiene and cleanliness are now more important than ever. Your barcode scanner serves as a frequent contact between you and other people. For your safety and the safety of others around you, we would like to remind you how to clean your scanner and offer you advice on how to clean your barcode scanner the best way possible.

How To Clean Your Scanner
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Methods of Sterilization

It is recommended to squeeze a cloth soaked in a neutral detergent diluted with water, and then wipe it gently. It is also possible to use disinfectants such as alcohol for disinfection and sterilization.*

Conditions and precautions when wiping with disinfectant

  • It is recommended to squeeze a cloth soaked in disinfectant diluted with water and wipe it gently.

  • Use necessary hand protection at all times.

  • Use a soft cloth or cut cotton when wiping.

  • Tissue paper etc. may contain a dye that causes scratches.

  • Do not soak the product in liquid. This may cause liquid to enter the product, or cause a malfunction.

  • The transparent "reading window" is a delicate part in terms of performance, you can maintain the performance by minimizing the frequency of wiping as much as possible. When wiping, make sure that there are no traces left behind.

  • Do not leave disinfectants or liquids on the product fixing screws or cable connection, as they may corrode.

  • Do not use strong acidic or alkaline liquids.

  • Do not spray disinfectant etc. directly on the product.

  • Before cleaning, turn off the power of the device.

* Depending on the disinfectant used, method, area, and frequency of use, there is a risk of product deterioration. Please be aware of the following conditions and risks to the product before use.

Specific Instructions per Scanner

Cleaning Barcode Scanners

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Reduce the Spread of Bacteria with an Antimicrobial Barcode Scanner

Another way to help protect frontline workers (healthcare workers, cashiers, etc.) is by utilizing tools that are specifically designed to defend against infectious bacteria. A scanner serves as a frequent medium between people, by utilizing an antimicrobial solution and implementing cleaning protocols, the risk of spreading germs through the scanning process is reduced.

Opticon’s Antimicrobial barcode readers are easily distinguished by their white housings. This white plastic is embedded with silver ions that prevent the growth of bacteria. The oligodynamic effect of silver damages key enzymes in the cell membranes of pathogens, killing them and slowing the spread of infections.

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