Improved data collection in the field with the OPN2002

Publish date: 04-06-2012


‘Collecting and transferring information remains one of the toughest challenges for mobile workers, since a central database is only as good and competitively useful as the information that is channeled to it by these mobile workers’.

This is where affordable and reliable wireless data collection tools come into play to capture barcode data and instantly send it back to a shared information resource.

Mobile and handheld barcode scanning devices have proved to be effective data collection tools across a wide range of applications and business situations. They can speed up the data collection process, reduce errors related to manual input techniques, improve worker efficiencies within an organization and enhance the quality and reliability of a company’s information resources. The OPN2002 from Opticon combines barcode scanning with widely recognized Bluetooth communication providing a real-time communication solution and workflow efficiency.

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Key OPN2002 features for this solution:
– Easy data collection
– Reliable field data capturing
– Real-time communication via Bluetooth

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