MDC-100 & MDC-200 … New OEM miniature CCD scan engines

Publish date: 17-04-2015

MDC-200 from the front

Opticon expanded its range of OEM scan engines by introducing two miniature CCD versions: the MDC-100 and the MDC-200. Due to the very small size -the MDC-200 is only 7.5 mm thick- both versions are easily integrated into the smallest and varied product designs, so that various devices (whether portable or not) can easily be equipped with a built-in barcode scan engine.

The applications are endless, such as e.g. PDA’s for price control, access control equipment and time registration, medical verification equipment and equipment for lottery outlets.

The MDC-100 and MDC-200 are not only characterized by the miniature size, but also by durability and low power consumption. Both models are solid state whereby neither has any moving parts providing a high degree of shock resistance. Moreover, the excellent scan performance of these engines (330 scans/sec) is very impressive, even when it comes to reading poorly printed and damaged barcodes inclusive of reading barcodes on the LCD screens of mobile phones, PDA’s and computers.

Just like the MDL-2001 (1D Laser) and MDI-3100 (2D imager) engines, these two new Opticon scan engines are equipped with both an RS-232C and USB interface together with an integrated decoder.

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