New! H-29

Publish date: 23-07-2018

H-29 android terminal scanning a label on a box

After launching the Opticon H-28 mobile computer, we now introduce the H-29. As we always like to release a wide variety and listen to our clients’ needs, we introduce the H-29 as part of the H-series. The H-29 comes with an alphanumeric keyboard and therefore it can be used in markets such as logistics, postal and delivery.
The H-29 is a perfect combination of rugged, and elegant design. Underneath the smart design rests everything needed to excel in complex tasks.

The H-29 is an allround Android Mobile Computer combined with an alphanumeric keypad and a high end 2D Opticon engine. The high resolution camera, fast scanning performance, bright screen and plenty of connectivity options make this product perfect for complex tasks. The octa-core processor will ensure fast performance no matter the application.

The H-29 comes with a high capacity battery, a power supply (QC2.0), a hand strap, and a USB cable. Additional items such as an extended battery, an extended battery cover, a cradle for charging and communication, and a stylus can be ordered separately.

The H-29 is a scanner of high quality because of the Opticon engine. It is the ideal solution for users that have demanding applications!