OPN-4000… Opticon’s Latest “Collectors’s Items”

Publish date: 23-08-2014

OPN-4000i from the side

Opticon expands its range of data collectors by introducing the OPN-4000, a Bluetooth CCD data collector which will be available in two versions: OPN-4000n and OPN-4000i.

From the standard device -the OPN-4000n- scanned barcodes are transmitted real-time to any host device which supports Bluetooth HID or SPP (including Android, Apple, Blackberry or Windows Mobile).

The OPN-4000i is especially designed for use in combination with Apple iDevices (such as iPod, iPad and iPhone). By supporting Apple MFi a faster data transfer is realized.

Like all other Opticon-data collectors the latest “collector’s items” of the OPN-4000 series are small sized and light weight. The devices enable each organization to integrate barcode scanning in a simple and efficient way into various mobile applications, including sales and service, retail point-of-sale (POS), inventory management, asset tracking, visitor registration and inventory.