Opticon Expands data collector range

Publish date: 01-12-2013


The OPN3002, is a 2D Bluetooth data collector, available in two versions. From the (black) standard device -the OPN3002n- scanned barcodes are transmitted real-time to any host device which supports Bluetooth HID or SPP (including Android, Apple, Blackberry or Windows Mobile).

The (white) OPN3002i is especially designed for use in combination with Apple iDevices (such as iPod, iPhone and iPad). By supporting Apple Mfi a faster data transfer is realized. Like all other data collectors of the Opticon OPN-series the OPN3002 is small sized and light weight.

The device enables each organization to integrate barcode scanning in a simple and efficient way into various mobile applications, including sales and service, retail point-of-sale (POS), inventory management, asset tracking, visitor registration and inventory.

Find out more about the OPN-3002i and OPN-3002n