Opticon Ltd announces ‘the preferred Tesco SSCC labeling solution’

Publish date: 04-06-2012


Tesco suppliers are under pressure to meet the retailer’s strict labeling requirements – set down in a move to cut order errors and boost visibility in its supply chain. Suppliers will need to switch to an advanced shipment notification (ASN) system, which the retailer implemented last year.

So important is this initiative, that Tesco are actively working with their suppliers to ensure compliance within allocated timeframes. The benefits of using SSCCs are that a single label can be used to share information by suppliers, distributors and customers throughout the chain.

Toshiba TEC, Norprint, and Opticon created a complete streamlined supply chain solution to make the switch as easy as possible and help generate more benefits for suppliers. The automated solution including the high performance Toshiba printers and rugged Opticon terminals is perfectly suitable for the demands of a busy warehouse environment.

The electronic notification and labeling system has been designed to help reduce delivery errors, and improve traceability and stock control. At the same time, it saves administration time and streamlines the packing and distribution processes.

Although developed specifically for Tesco, the system can be used for any other supermarket that chooses to go down the ASN route.

The retailer first tackled its 600 fresh produce suppliers in 2008; most of which now have the ASN system up and running. The grocery sector is next in line to make the switch, with the deadline set for the end of this year. Non-food will follow in 2010.

Download the case study.