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Developed for durability, user-friendliness 
and crafted out of an aluminium housing the 
OPN-6000 is the strongest companion scanner we ever developed at Opticon.

Durable, sustainable, user-friendly

Powered by

Opticons long proven MDI-4150 series 2D scan engine. This reliable engine scans extremely fast with 100 frames per second, is very accurate and scans all kinds of barcodes, even damaged ones. 

With a Focus on Design

High end, sleek, and ruggedized design with the option of an aluminum crafted or a plastic housing measuring less than 20 mm in thickness.

Bluetooth connectivity
(BLE 5.4)

Battery powered, wireless
 chargeable or via USB-C

Light, sound and haptic
 feedback through LEDs,
 buzzer and vibration motor

Manage your OPN-6000
 via the newly developed
 Mobile App OptiConnect

Equipped with a battery management system for accurate battery level monitoring and data loss prevention 

Available in an
 antimicrobial Healthcare

Customizable in terms of visual appearance, integration of bespoke software and features to excel your business

Now also available for healthcare

  • Antimicrobial plastics
  • User-friendly
  • Lightweight

Designed for all kinds of markets such as hospitality, retail, logistics and healthcare

Use the free OptiConnect app on your mobile to manage your OPN-6000 effortlessly. With its user-friendly design and integration with Opticon's scanners, elevate your efficiency and productivity. Some key features:

Simplified scanner setup and configuration 
Adjust settings, modify scan modes, and fine-tune scanner behavior with intuitive controls.

Effortless Bluetooth connection 
Establish a seamless Bluetooth connection. OptiConnect ensures a stable link with your smartphone.

Seamless barcode scanning and data management 
OptiConnect offers a user-friendly interface for data management, boosting your productivity.

CSV file import 
Integrate existing CSV data directly into the app, streamlining your scanning operations.

Data storage and export 
Safely store and easily export your scanned data. Your valuable information is always accessible.