The MDI-1000 is a small 2D imager with a wide-angle lens and also scans at a speed of 30 fps. This imager will fit in small, flat OEM or ODM projects because of the separated camera module and decoder board. So, if you are looking for a flat 2D imager, look no further.


Some features of the MDI-1000:

  • 1D & 2D scanning
  • 30 fps
  • Small form
  • 3V power usage
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Our existing customers use the MDI-1000 in OEM or ODM project in several markets, including healthcare, warehouses, ticketing, retail and postal. Most of these projects require a scanning module to optimize the process and this is where our engine comes into play.

How we describe the MDI-1000

The two most important features of the MDI-1000 are the 2D scanning speed of 30 fps and the small, flat design of the engine. Additionally, this engine has a decoder integrated and communicates through a 30 pin FFC connector for fast and accurate results. Moreover, the engine is lightweight with only a combined weight of 7.7 grams. Importantly, the dimensions are 21.5 x 11.8 x 14.2 mm, for the camera module and 25.2 x 4.2 x 39.0 mm for the PCb (decoder board). The power usage is also quite low with only 3.3V. The camera in the engine is a 1.3 million-pixel (SXGA) CMOS area imager sensor making high resolution frames making it effective in decoding 1D and 2D barcodes.

In conclusion, this engine is small, scans at a good rate and is a very reliable choice. If you want to know more details in addition to this information please have a look in the leaflet.

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