A successful collaboration for ESL solutions

Garcias is a fast growing company working with 350 suppliers and 150 cars and trucks to deliver the products to the stores. Over 300 employees take care of the logistics and interacting with the customers in the stores.

Garcias Wines & Spirits is an importer and chain of wholesale stores specialized in alcoholic beverages. As a growing company, Garcias wants to enable their staff to adjust the prices easily to match the market’s demand. Their aim is also to professionalize their business management.

In cooperation with our partner Rational Innovation, Opticon installed the ESL system which consists of the Opticon EE-201. The EE-201 is a high resolution, fully graphical, e-paper based 2,1-inch display. The display only consumes power during radio transmission, and display updates. Opticon can guarantee a long lifetime on only two small batteries. Which is exactly what makes the EE-201 the right choice for Garcias.

The Solution
Our partner Rational Innovation has developed an application based on price centralization. All prices and articles are centralized from a base station at the headquarter Alcochete for all the eight stores. Rational Innovation has developed one interface to transfer data. At Garcias, the staff updates 100 products per day at the same time for all clients to benefit from the most affordable prices.

Now, the employees have time and can prepare orders to deliver to their customers. The employees can be more of service to their customers and help them to make decisions about which wines and other beverages to choose in the shop. This way they do not waste time and have more efficiency in the stores!

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