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Opticon offers solutions for a wide array of markets.

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Barcodes are increasingly prevalent on smartphones, print advertisements, catalogs, and merchandise. A printed page can be transformed into a two-way communication channel between market researchers and consumers.

Opticon scanners function as a communication tool when consumers scan items linked to a website or an online retailer.


The education sector needs to be able to account for students, whether they are sitting in the classroom, checking out a book in the library or even submitting homework.

At several stages during a normal academic day, you can implement barcode solutions to help administrators, management teams, lecturers, and students. Eliminating all manual and paper-based processes.

Market Research

Gaining insight into a target market requires gathering extensive information about consumers’ shopping behavior combined with their response to marketing stimulus. Market research organizations use automated questioning and incentive research to analyze purchase behavior and shopping patterns. A user-friendly, easy to implement method to obtain information about consumer behavior is to provide consumers with barcode scanners and ask them to identify the products they bought. The information provides market researchers with valuable insight into the purchase behavior and shopping patterns of any segment of the population.


Opticon’s embedded devices provide scanning opportunities for third party products. These miniature scan engines can be integrated into products made by the original manufacturer, as well as products made by other brands. Opticon’s scan engines are commonly integrated into stationary devices where the scanner is at the core of a specific automation task. To protect the scan engine and the electronics from industrial hazards, a completely housed product can be mounted inside the device. Applications: Vending machines, Laboratory automation, Kiosks, Access control, Mobile devices.

OPN inventory check

Data Reporting & Administration

Barcode scanning solutions can help create a quick registration solution resulting in a significant reduction in labor. Connectivity to any enterprise administration software is also available.

Barcode scanning solutions can also monitor business processes. Registering performed tasks and inspection checks against log times provides better understanding of the workflow. Control, registration, and data storage can be performed automatically. When the data is available on the central server, it can be used to monitor business processes and consumer behavior.


  • Quality control and inspection
  • Asset management
  • Inventory control
  • Work-in-process tracking
  • Time and attendance reporting
  • Order verification
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