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Opticon offers a complete range of OEM scan engines, ranging from entry-level cost-effective engines to high-performance 2D imagers. All designed to suit your applications needs and all at the lowest possible cost.

Opticon wants to make your work processes easier and more efficient. Therefore we are designing and producing all OEM barcode scan engines in Japan to the highest possible quality standards. In addition to that Opticon owns all the software and hardware intellectual property of this equipment. Furthermore, Opticon’s engineers have years of experience with barcode reading equipment to support you and in the most optimal way.

CCD based modules
Laser-based modules
2D CMOS imager-based module

These engines are ideal to integrate into devices or machines that require high-quality barcode reading and decoding equipment. Such as terminals, POS systems, machines and much more.

Secondly, Opticon has made a group is for fixed mount scanners. These scanners are ideal for situations where you need a barcode engine in a housing to protect them. Such as factories, warehouses, laboratories, robots, and more.

Interested to see what scanning solutions Opticon can offer you? Firstly, use the Opticon Engine product selector to select the module that best suits your business. In addition, you can find detailed information about our scan engine technologies on the product pages linked below. Lastly, if you have any further questions, our team of engineers is always happy to answer any questions.

The best way to start with our engines is by using the MEK-3100 development kit. If you use this development kit you will have all the cables, screws, FFC’s, you need to connect an engine to a computer. Get in contact to start with the integration of your Opticon engine or fixed mount scanner.

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