Customer service, high quality products and trends in taste and preferences drive the hospitality business. Organizations in this business need to act quickly and dynamically to remain profitable in fluctuating environments. These organizations continuously work on improving automation and efficiency.

Automation at the point of sale can benefit back-office activities and reduce chaos. Electronic ordering can automatically generate reports that can be used for purchase orders. Simultaneously, trends in customer behavior can easily be measured. Restaurants chains, bars and cafes can profit from data that is quickly and accurately collected, enabling them to respond proactively.

Wireless communication solutions help waiters, bartenders and other personnel perform their everyday activities efficiently.

These solutions provide accuracy and speed in the flow of communication throughout the whole organization.

Mobile devices ensure accuracy and provide an overview of the order flow. These capabilities minimize ordering time. Barcode scanning solutions with integrated data management systems can store the entire day’s input and merge the data with the enterprise management system. This feature simplifies end-of- day procedures and reduces overall costs, which improves business efficiency.

Opticon solutions are designed to improve employee productivity. The superior quality of our products and the combination of barcode scanning and wireless communication improve efficiency in the entire business process.

ET-1002 in Hospitality enviroment

Serving Operations

Dedicated Service Includes Serving Customers Quickly and Accurately

Bars and restaurants are designed to be customer-friendly environments. Improving communication and therefore cooperation between the waitstaff and the kitchen staff results in serving customers quickly and accurately, which leads to customer loyalty. Wireless communication solutions help improve this process. 

Opticon offers easy-to-use wireless solutions for the hospitality industry. Touchscreen operations, keypad entry and barcode scanning minimize order-entry errors. Our products include models that not only feature an elegant design, but also easily support a wireless infrastructure.

These devices can capture data such as menus, customer information, loyalty programs and reservations. Speedy data exchange and immediate storage in the central database makes it easy to analyze customer patterns and provides management with insight into their customers’ interests. The ability to meet customer needs and cater to their interests leads to an increase in repeat business.

Opticon devices support Wi-Fi communication, Bluetooth technology and the Windows operating system along with Microsoft software development tools to support custom applications. Our devices also use long-life batteries that support all-day operation. Opticon technology keeps all personnel connected to customer orders, as well as back-end processes.

Supply Chain Management

Data Flow Accuracy and Short Lines of Communication Enable On-Demand Delivery

The supply chain is an important part of the hotel and catering industry. Employees in this industry must build long-term relationships with suppliers and utilize a comprehensive purchasing system to provide good customer service.

A key factor to creating customer loyalty is providing an optimized supply of goods. Just-in-time delivery not only improves the availability of food and beverages, it also increases flexibility so that businesses can act quickly. The adoption of barcode-based solutions boosts process automation and provides greater inventory visibility. Maximizing distribution efficiency accurately increases the flow of goods to the point of sale.

The ability to deliver the right goods at the right time is essential to ensure successful sales, satisfied customers, and increased profitability. Managing supplies efficiently and accurately saves time, improves stock availability, and reduces costs. Barcode scanning solutions with low cost of ownership and a fast return on investment improve visibility with the flow of information throughout the enterprise, minimizing administrative costs.

Opticon solutions keep the workforce up-to-date and help in the decision-making process. By determining which parameters are necessary to measure, upgrade and control the flow of goods, Opticon solutions help optimize productivity throughout the organization.

The Opticon PX-20 scanning a code in Ades casestudy.

In-House Management

Stay Connected to Customer Orders and Back-End Processes, changing trends in food and drink, fluctuating customer requests and new regulations (like smoking permits) require flexible hospitality management. The ability to deliver supplies on demand is a key factor in maintaining this flexibility. Accuracy and transparency in the flow of data enables reliable forecasting. Daily monitoring of the consumed items helps with accurate ordering at the central warehouse and at individual stores.

Data mining can help you make effective business decisions and reduce loss. Opticon’s data collection solutions help your staff collect the information in a timely fashion so you can make informed business decisions.

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