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Fixed mount scanners

Opticon fixed-mount scanners can be used wherever a barcode scanner is needed in a stationary position, such as in vending machines, libraries, retail POS, boarding card scanning, and manufacturing and logistics operations.

A fixed-mount scanner consists of a scan engine, a housing, and a cable. The housing protects the scan engine from environmental influences such as dust. It also provides a means to securely mount the product. The cable enables simple connection to standard equipment. This way, the product is easy to install in your application.

Various options are available, to accommodate your process or product.

  • Models with a 2D imager are suitable for 2D barcodes such as QR-code, and in case linear barcodes are presented with varying orientations.
  • Some models with a 1D imager provide much faster scanning rates. These may be more suitable if the application allows for 1D scanning and calls for faster barcode detection.

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