Scanners for the ticketing industry

Millions of tickets are scanned every day. Opticon’s barcode readers for the ticketing industry can help you scan the barcodes for access control, parking tickets, medical documents and even machine-readable codes on travel documents like passports and identity cards. Opticon’s scanning solutions consist of a range of scanners that are optimized for any working environment or document type.

Access control through scanning

Digital ticket scanning is a commonly used authentication method to gain access to facilities and events. Scanning the barcode confirms receipt of payment or the validity of subscription. Tickets for trade shows, concerts and other events are usually ordered online, and a 1D or 2D barcode is provided via e-mail or printout. Mobile ticketing lets people use digital tickets on their mobile phones. These tickets can be scanned by 2D imagers.

These Opticon 2D barcode readers allow fast and accurate scanning of hard-to-read mobile screens. Also, damaged barcodes are harder to read, which is common with printed barcodes. Opticon’s high quality decoders can read even seriously damaged barcodes.

Mobile ticketing reduces costs, increases efficiency, and provides insight into stored data, which in turn provides traceable input for visitor management reports. Opticon’s mobile computers are the all-in-one rugged solution for the access control market. Opticon’s companion scanners are small compact scanners that can work stand-alone as a data collector or connected via Bluetooth to a central data server. Opticon companion scanners equipped with Bluetooth collect and update data and monitor visitor behavior for market research. That data can then be made available to the business staff. Opticon scanning solutions provide a real-time connection, increased efficiency, reduced labor costs and traceable input for visitor management reporting. Ask for a demonstration and see what Opticon can do for your access control needs.

Medical Documents

Barcodes are being used more and more for medical documents as well. QR codes can be used to quickly access medical test results. Our mobile computers can access secure databases to check whether someone is fit to access the facility or event. Barcodes are also used to access digital prescription lists and vaccine passports. The ability to quickly check vaccination passports using of accurate barcode readers will reduce waiting time and increase comfort for travelers or visitors. The special anti-microbial coatings on the scanners make them easy to clean and disinfect without the risk of damaging them. Tourism, business travel, health checks for accessing facilities and live events are all examples of uses for Opticon’s fast and accurate barcode readers.

Covid passports are also being used around the world. This generally works via an app that generates a QR code. This barcode can be easily read by Opticon’s 2D barcode scanners. Our mobile computers offer a rugged all-in-one solution for checking these Covid passports. Quick and accurate scanning of the vaccine passports by Opticon barcode readers can help to provide an easier and safer travel experience during medical emergencies like the Covid-19 pandemic. See what Opticon can do for you by contacting our local representative.

Parking ticket machine with Opticon barcode engine inside


Parking machines are often equipped with a barcode scanner for reading tickets. The quick and efficient scanning is required for fast identification. Even if the barcodes are damaged in your pocket or wallet, the parking tickets can be easily read by Opticon’s barcode readers.

The compact size and multiple interfaces make Opticon scanners easy to implement in ticket reading devices. The scanner reads the barcode, confirms the payment, and validates the ticket. Contact our support team for assistance with dimensions, features, or integrations.

Travel documents

Traveling and identification often go hand in hand. Opticon scanning solutions can make this process quick, efficient, and effortless. Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, Opticon scanners make the process quick and easy. Our specialized Travel document scanners are optimized to scan the machine-readable codes on passports, ID cards and other identification methods. The easy to clean glass surface ensures an optimal reading distance for tickets and identification. No more unnecessary waving of your ticket in front of a scanner. Just place your code on the glass surface and the scanner does the rest.

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