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Identifying Our Customer’s Needs Since 1976

From the start, over 45 years ago, Opticon has been one of the first companies in the world to specialize in manufacturing barcode scanners. At the time, barcode scanning was a revolutionary new technology used to identify information at any location. Inventory management, asset management, order picking; all these disciplines became increasingly efficient thanks to Opticon’s barcode scanners.

International Supplier

From this pioneering stage, we evolved into an international supplier of a wide range of 1D and 2D scanning solutions, including point-of-sale scanners, rugged mobile devices, and pocket-sized Bluetooth scanners.

These innovative answers to practical demands in the workplace have seen our presence expand to over 65 countries.

Our mission

Scan, connect and communicate are the three verbs that describe our business. From scanner devices to electronic shelf labels, all our appliances provide the link between technology and the continuing demand for information. In other word: we scan, connect, and communicate the way we do business.

These three words also represent our mentality. A key characteristic of Opticon is our ability to see and hear our customers’ needs, and to link them to the optimal solution in a transparent and flexible manner.

Trustworthy Partner

As a result, thousands of companies have identified Opticon as a trustworthy partner. We produce reliable identification devices, but always on the understanding that they are merely a means to an end. Our real product is the ability to see and hear our customers’ needs and to provide them with the optimal solution for real life practice.

Always Thinking About New Solutions

This, combined with a flexible and transparent operation, defines us as a company. From those early days when we made a huge impact with our automatic identification equipment up until today, we provide new solutions for Electronic Shelf Labels and Digital Signage. We have proved that professionalism and dedication are still valued in a highly competitive market.

Opticon is a global family of companies consisting of OPTO Electronics, Opticon Sensors Europe BV and Opticon Inc.

Product manufacturing is managed through our Japanese office, OPTO Electronics Co. Ltd., which uses a major ISO-certified production facility. Opticon Sensors Europe BV, the Netherlands, is the European headquarters serving markets in Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, the Middle East, and Asia. A network of 17 sales offices worldwide provides extensive customer support and personalized assistance. The headquarters for Opticon, Inc. is located in Renton, Washington, serving customers in the United States and Canada.

Quality Standard Opticon

Opticon continues to deliver new solutions combined with the latest technologies and a focus on delivering high-quality products.

Opticon manufactures its products in ISO 9001 certified facilities and observes international standards of quality, safety, and environmental protection.

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