Much more than just accurate scanning

Proprietary Mobile Computer

Proprietary Mobile Computers

Opticon offers a range of highly advanced proprietary mobile computers that are capable of much more than just accurate scanning.

Customers prefer Opticon mobile scanning devices because of their excellent product performance coming at an affordable price. Because all of our mobile devices run the same Operating System (OS) and can be programmed with the same Software Development Kit (SDK), this product line is an excellent growth path for businesses.

The Opticon SDK can be downloaded free of charge from our download page and tools are provided for communication between terminals for uploading and downloading data files.

Upgrade your Current Opticon Application and Save Money

Opticon continuously works to advance our technology to keep up with the ever-changing demands of our customers. Long-standing customers that need more memory or color screens are able to recompile their current applications and run them on newer devices saving money on expensive programming costs. Programs written for the older terminals such as the OPH-1004, the OPL-9815, or the PHL-2700 can be recompiled to run on the OPH-1005.

If you prefer not to do this programming on your own, please consult Opticon’s team of experts to do the programming for you.

In-house repair, Global Presence, and a 2-year Warranty

Opticon mobile computers are all created to be of the highest quality and to back our confidence in our solution, we back all of our mobile computers with a 2-year warranty. We ship internationally and have over 17 global offices to provide excellent services all over the world.

We are committed to our customer’s happiness which is why we provide customer-oriented services and in-house repairs should you ever need assistance.

Contact us to discuss the possibilities!

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