Electronic Shelf Label

Create a new in-store shopping experience for your customer

Opticon offers both Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) and colored digital signage to create a distinctive retail and warehouse environment. We aim to optimize how you operate your business by providing a superior platform that can improve your profitability and therefore enable new customer-facing applications, promotions, loyalty programs, and efficient processes.

Our ESLs are used in industries such as food retail, mobile shops, point-of-sale, home appliances, pharmacy, warehouse, industry, and room signage.

Opticon’s solution highlights

  • Full centralized control and accuracy
  • High flexibility in display content that is user-configurable
  • Long-lasting usage
  • High-speed bi-directional communication
  • Integrates with existing (retail) systems

Opticon offers two ranges to meet your needs; EE-range and the PE-range.

Opticon Powered ESLs (PE-range)

The added value of NFC and LED is what diversifies the Powered ESL-range from our traditional ESL solution. For instance, it enables you to use customer loyalty cards, payment, and even pick-to-display solutions. Also, the LED can be used as an indicator for a certain action, to attract attention or to find a product in the warehouse.

We removed the batteries to create a slimmer fit to make the shelf look neat. A dedicated power rail supplies continuous power, which makes the PE-range a carefree solution by not having to swap batteries in due time.

It is also very easy to install. Within a day, depending on the store size, you are set to go. We facilitate various mounting options, without compromising in shelf space. To provide more insight into the installment and all accessories, we refer you to the brochure on PE-range accessories.

With our PE-range you can create a whole new level of customer experience and engagement. It enables you to implement a cashier-less shopping experience.

Watch a video to see how an unmanned store could be created with our powered ESLs.

Opticon Traditional Electronic Shelf Label (EE- range)

Our traditional ESL range boasts a high contrast ratio and superior viewing angle. For instance, it is bi-stable, which means that the image will remain on the display even after power is disconnected. Depending on individual usage, these battery-powered Electronic Shelf Labels can last for many years. We offer various sizes, optional colors, and various mounting options, all to provide different technologies for different needs in the same store. Thanks to our traditional Electronic Shelf Labels all prices are up to date and you can promote your articles whenever you want. Read all about it in the brochure EE-range accessories or watch this video to learn more about our ESLs and what they can do for you!

Check out our range below or contact us for more information!

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Powered versus Battery Powered Electronic E-paper Labels

The traditional ESL range, the Electronic E-papers, boasts a high contrast ratio and superior viewing angle. The added value of NFC and LED is what diversifies the Powered E-papers from our traditional Electronic E-papers. Thanks to these additional features it is possible to create a new payment method (Tap2Go solution) and a new level of customer experience.