The retail industry is not only shaped by the quality of services and goods, but also by economic trends that are beyond an organization’s control. To maximize shareholder value, retailers constantly try to optimize their services and the flow of goods from the supply chain to the store. This dynamic optimization cannot be realized without proactively handling accurate data.

The pressure of economic trends forces retailers to make tough decisions about the implementation of new technologies. Accuracy in data flow throughout the organization means that good decisions can be made at every level, driving productivity and profitability. A transparent view of the IT related systems tightly integrates the different elements of the overall infrastructure.

The adoption of barcode-based solutions provides retailers with greater process automation and vastly improved transparency in the flow of information throughout the enterprise. Not only do these improvements limit administration and the overall costs of running an efficient business, but they also provide visibility into economic trends for management decision-making. 

Point of Sale

Barcode Scanning Provides Functionality That Empowers Point of Sale Activities
Storefront activities in the retail industry can contribute to a customer-friendly environment that enhances the shopping experience and fosters customer loyalty. 

Opticon products are designed to blend in with the point of sale area and feature these elements:
- Compact and user-friendly
- Innovation and easy to use
- Numerous styles and colors to match the design of the counter environment

To meet the needs of the point of sale environment, Opticon designs and manufactures affordable scanners that have a long life and fit in any hardware configuration. Opticon believes that the equipment should match the infrastructure, so our point of sale scanners support:
- USB, RS-232 and wedge connectivity to fit existing hardware systems
- Bluetooth, where wireless connectivity is needed

In-Store Management

Accurate Data Flow Throughout an Organization Enables Good Decision Making, Optimized Productivity and Profitability
Sales associates can turn casual shoppers into customers and ideally up sell or cross sell products that meet the customers’ preferences. With a real-time link to the back office, a sales associate can browse stock availability, suggest alternative products and quickly request an item be picked from the warehouse and brought to the storefront.

Opticon products provide functionality that empowers the sales associate. All Opticon solutions support these features:
- Connection to the back-office server
- Mobile use
- Database storage of valuable information

Our data collection and computing devices identify and store enterprise information. For example, a Windows-based mobile computer linked via Wi-Fi can provide a real-time link to the back office. The H-32 and OPH-1005 are especially suitable for in-store management activities. These user-friendly devices constantly keep sales associates in touch with valuable sales and stock information.

By making back office data accessible from the storefront, retailers can improve customer service and convert increased customer interactions into business opportunities.

Back Office

An Efficient System in the Back Office Enables Cost Reduction
The back office, an important part of the retail process, can deliver greater insight into the health of the business. Key indicators of back office performance are process integration, costs and productivity. With ongoing business fluctuations, these key elements need to be monitored continuously. An efficient back office system enables cost reduction. Opticon provides solutions that quickly detect status changes and collect data, ensuring that the latest data is always available for analysis, reporting and ordering. In this way, Opticon solutions improve productivity and lower costs.  

Supply chain
The supply chain is an important part of the retail industry. Steady relationships with suppliers and a good purchasing system help provide good customer service. Managing supplies efficiently and accurately saves time and improves the availability of stock. The adoption of barcode based solutions increases process automation and provides greater visibility of inventory. Maximizing distribution efficiency increases the accurate flow of goods to the point of sale.

Electronic Ordering
Trade enterprises strive to improve and speed up ordering systems for their customers. Many customers order products on a regular basis, and online ordering keeps these customers from running out of stock.

Opticon’s unique range of companion scanners is ideally suited for electronic ordering. Employees can carry mobile devices around the entire warehouse and use barcode scanning solutions to easily identify almost empty boxes in the warehouse. Opticon products can efficiently monitor events such as received shipments and price markdowns and easily manage inventory. Opticon solutions keep the workforce up-to-date and help with decision making by providing parameters to measure, upgrade and control the flow of goods and optimize productivity throughout the organization


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