Scanners for your retail domain

Opticon has a broad range of scanners aimed at the retail industry. These products include handheld and embedded scannersmobile computers, and electronic shelf labels. Together these products allow for an efficient workflow within the retail environment.

Opticon’s extensive range of barcode scanners is sure to have a suitable solution for your retail environment.

Whether it’s the ease of use of a wired scanner or the flexibility of one of our wireless barcode readers, all delivering great performance in difficult environments.

Whether it’s 1D UPC or EAN barcodes for labeling & scanning consumer goods at retail points of sale, code 93 codes in logistics and retail inventory, or GS1 DataBar codes on consumer coupons.

2D barcodes are also often used in the retail environment. Opticon’s barcode scanners can read almost any 2D barcode like QR codes, data matrix codes. And we have recently also been seeing dot codes are used on retail packaging.

PE-152 electronic shelf labels mounted on a powerrail

Electronic Shelf Labels

Changing prices in a retail environment can be an expensive and time-consuming job. Electronic shelf labels can make this job easier, faster, cheaper and above all, reduce the risks of pricing mistakes. The e-paper labels can be updated multiple times per day, which can be useful for reducing waste of perishable goods. These updates are transmitted bi-directionally with a wireless over the air network. Better stock management will reduce the amount of waste and cost within your organization.

Opticon electronic shelf labels make your retail business futureproof and allow for dynamic pricing. The labels can be easily mounted to any store shelf type or one of the many other mounting solutions. All you need is a few labels and a smart base station. Opticon’s e-paper label system can be integrated with any existing store database. You can remotely monitor and control one or multiple stores via the user-friendly cloud dashboard.

With electronic shelf labels you can reduce the workload of your staff or reduce the number of staff needed in the store completely. Promotions can be automatically applied at a pre-determined time.

The fully graphical label designer allows you to create multiple templates to use with your system, including templates for discounts, promotional or new items in your store.

With Opticon’s ESLs, you can further enrich the shopping experience in your retail store. With our powered electronic shelf labels, you can add active NFC, sound and RGB LED lights to your system. The LED lights can be used to highlight products or get customers’ attention. In the warehouse, you can use the labels for a high-tech pick-to-light solution. The built-in active NFC can be used to create a seamless shopping experience. Each label can become a point-of-sale within the store or integrate the e-paper labels with your existing point of sale system. This system is ideal for unmanned stores or when you want to offer a seamless, cashier-less shopping experience.

Opticon’s ESLs come in many different sizes, from small 1.5 inch to larger 7.5 inch labels. The ESLs come with black, white, and red e-paper variants. The system also works great together with Opticon’s full color displays. These can be used to highlight items with photos, videos, and other dynamic content in the store.

Effective Inventory Management

Our rugged mobile computers can help you with inventory management in the warehouse or in the store. With the flexible Android operating system, the possibilities are endless. The IP 67 rating together with a 1.8 meter drop resistance ensure that these mobile computers are ready for any tough environment.

Whether it’s in the store itself or the store’s warehouse, Opticon’s mobile computers are always ready. We can help you find the right solution for your retail environment.

Our fixed mount scanners are often used in self-checkout and point of sale systems. These embedded scanners are chosen for their great performance and stability. Our barcode engines can read and decode damaged barcodes in harsh conditions.

This makes them ideal for daily use and for unstaffed point of sale systems. Use our OEM & Fixed mount product selector tool to find out which embedded scanner is right for your retail system.

The high level of quality control on our barcode reading equipment ensures stability and low downtime. Opticon’s barcode readers come setup out of the box to scan most barcodes.

If you have specific requirements or characters that need to be added, use our Opticonfigure configuration tool to set-up your scanner. This tool makes it easy to adjust any of the scanner’s settings and conform to your output requirements. Our local offices and support departments can assist you to ensure optimal performance and deliver any support for your system.

H-28 Android Mobile Computer used to scan barcodes on a box in a warehouse

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