Mobile computers make it easier to thrive in a complex environment

Mobile Computers

Since 1976 we are dedicated to developing and manufacturing world-class scan technology. Throughout 44 years, we maintained industry leadership and customer loyalty through innovative technologic advancements and a rich product line. By implementing our scan engines into terminals, we created a line of high-quality mobile computers.

Our mobile range takes scanning to a new level of complexity because our scanners contain GPS and can connect in various ways to provide real-time data transfer at any given moment. They run on different operating systems such as Android, and Proprietary, enabling the use of custom applications.

The mobile computer makes it easier to thrive in a complex environment. The devices are perfect for you if you are looking to optimize a process or service within your business.

Mobile Computers for Various Applications

Through their various features, our range provides an all-in-one solution for a variety of markets such as logistics, postal services, healthcare, merchandising, inventory management, field sales, and more. Raising performance efficiencies to the next level, and optimizing communication among various departments in complex work environments.

Quality with 2-Years Warranty

Our mobile computers automatically fall under a 2-year warranty. We ship internationally and have over 16 offices globally, so there is always an Opticon office nearby. Opticon provides customer-oriented service and has an in-house repair department, should you ever need it.

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