We provide a variety of secure, durable and esthetically pleasing ESL shelf mounting options and accessories. Our broad product range is compatible with the most popular shelving systems. Many of our shelf profiles are lightweight, which supports easy, cost-effective migration from traditional paper labels to e-paper labels.

In many instances, only the label needs to be changed, which allows for efficient and intelligent shelf management.

To provide more insight into the installment and all accessories, we refer you to the brochure on PE-range accessories and the EE-range accessories.

Contact your local representative for more information.

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an Unmanned Store

An Animation of our seamless shopping solution with active NFC in our Electronic Shelf Labels enables a new way of shopping for the customer.

Our Active NFC in our powered e-paper labels enables the customer to shop with customer cards, debit & credit cards, and mobile phones (Android & Apple).
The customer gathers the groceries by tapping the label and grabbing the products. When the customer is done shopping, he/she proceeds to the check-out.