Tailor-made hand terminal for Blokker

About 6,000 H-32 terminals were installed at Blokker

Blokker is part of the Mirage Retail group. Founded in 1896 there are 11 different shop formulas over 2,400 stores in 8 countries, mainly toys and household. The current group consists of Blokker, BCC, Big Bazar, Budg€t, MINISO, Elektroblok en Intertoys.

Blokker wished to replace the 10 year old off-line batch terminals (Opticon PHL-1300) by online devices with integrated Wi-Fi. Installation of Wi-Fi access points in the stores was part of the project. Besides using the network for internal communication, the creation of Free Wi-Fi hotspots for their customers was also required.

The solution was providing both a tailor-made real-time hand terminal, the Opticon H-32, and a complete solution in the field of wireless networks, terminal software and installation and services.

In order to realize an efficient implementation of the complete solution, Opticon worked with the following partners: Lancom, a German manufacturer of ‘Wi-Fi’ network solutions, Cow Hills, partner of Blokker for cash register software and developer of the Opticon H-32 terminal software; PosMark, partner of Blokker, who did the total installation and services for the project.

Due to the use of the Opticon H-32 terminal in combination with the delivered Wi-Fi wireless network, Blokker acquired a real-time system which enables efficient online data processing. The H-32, designed for every-day use, is used in numerous applications in all the Blokker stores.

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