The perfect synergy of digital signage and user-friendly software

Opal Solutions GmbH is an innovative hardware and software manufacturer supporting customers as a consultant when it comes to optimizing organizational processes as well as work processes based on automatic identification.

Opticon and Opal Solutions have been working together successfully on various cross-sector projects for a long time. Opal has created its own software for the wide range of Opticon ESL hardware, which can be quickly and easily adapted to different customer requirements.

The Situation
In the context of advancing digitization, a globally active customer is faced with the challenge of making his incoming goods processes easier, efficient, and more secure.

Previously, employees had used place accompanying notes (paper slips) for labeling several times a day to display the contents of a storage place. On these signs are, for example the storage place number, the name of the carrier or the expiration date of the best-before date.

Whenever a change was made, the warehouse workers had to climb onto a step and attach the accompanying notes to a sign hanging from the ceiling. This workflow was time consuming as well as associated with potential health risks. The customer’s wish was on the one hand to minimize physical risks and on the other hand further optimize and digitize the process.

Download the case study here.

The Solution
For the requirements of customers, the “OPALsESL-software” was developed for the Opticon ESLs, which can be customized.

With the software solution that has been created, employees can now carry out the labeling conveniently from their computer. The new workflow is significantly more use friendly, safer, more effective and avoids potential errors. It also increases the productivity of employees as they can now do more business-oriented activities instead of exchanging printed signs all day.

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