Time management with the compact OPN-2001 data collector

Since it was founded in the 80s, Sander & Doll AG has developed into one of the leading software houses for business and commercial standard software, especially in the areas of industry and craft software. While Sander & Doll specializes in software products, Opticon Sensoren provide easy-to-use and robust scanners for cross-industry use.

The products and scan solutions from Opticon are highly valued by Sander & Doll as well as their customers for their durability and user-friendliness. This leads to a large number of Opticon Sensoren products being used every day.

The Situation
Whether in the shop, at the customer’s or on the construction site – with the fully developed time recording software, customers have the option of recording their actual working hours at any location simply by scanning a barcode. The software also offers the option of creating and printing barcodes for employees, activities and projects independently.

In order to use this software sucessfully, a 1D Laser Scanner is required, with which both work-related and construction-site-related time records can be carried out quickly and in a user-friendly manner. Due to the diverse application possibilities of the software, the requests on this scanner were correspondingly high: flexibility, mobility, robustness, user-friendliness, high battery capacity as well as sufficient storage space for the collected data.

The Solution
The robust OPN-2001 from Opticon was successfully integrated into the existing industry and trade software. With the
OPN-2001, customers can scan intuitively and reliably the corresponding barcodes.

The barcodes recorded with the data collector are stored in a tamper-proof manner in the local memory together with a scan time stamp until the scanner is connected to a computer via USB cable or docking station, where the scans are automatically transferred to the system as a time booking. This gives the customer a perfect overview of the length of the activities, for example to pay salaries on worked minutes or to plan future projects based on the recorded data with actual times instead of estimated values.

Download the case study here.

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