University monitors attendancy quick and easy

Publish date: 06-12-2016

Case study: student pass Uni of Bedfordshire.

The University of Bedfordshire has a requirement to ensure it can track its student’s attendance at teaching events. Originally managed by a paper based system the University wants to increase the efficiency of the process and free time for the teaching staff. The University also has a Duty of Care to the students and needs to ensure it can monitor the students to see if there are any concerns or welfare issues.

Our Partner Telepen Ltd were selected to provide their market leading Student Attendance Monitoring System. During the process of designing and delivering the solution they selected the OPN-2001 as the barcode scanner that would best fit the University’s requirement for capturing 1D barcodes on student’s ID cards.

The University has made significant savings in time and resource by moving from a paper based systems to an electronic barcode capture system. Not only are the University staff given time back to focus on teaching activities, they can also ensure that any attendance issues with students can be identified and addressed immediately.

The OPN2001 provides the following features:

• Simple data input
• Easy data storage
• Transferring information

For more information, download the PDF file.