Upgrading the Price Labels of M-Market Finland

The Project
M-Market Finland is a supermarket chain with 67 stores. M-Market started an Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) pilot for several departments because they noticed that the price of products such as bread and ice cream was changing every day. It took the employees a lot of time to change the paper labels.

The project was initiated thanks to the relationship with SKJ systems (M-Market’s Point of Sales provider). SKJ systems is an ESL partner of Opticon and even integrated the Opticon ESLs into their POS system.

Download the case study here.

The Requirements
M-Market had several requirements on how the ESLs had to be installed in the stores. The first aspect was the visibility of the ESLs and for this reason it was important to select the right size of the ESLs. Other aspects were the overall look of the rails and the ease of attaching ESLs to the rail.

The Installation
70 ESLs are installed together with one Basestation. The ESLs were installed at the bread department, the ice cream refrigerator, and some information screens in the store. When M-Market wants to expand with ESLs in the future, the basestation can easily provide a connection to all the new installed ESLs.

The Solution
For M-Market the size of the ESLs was important for the visibility of products and for that reason Opticon offered several options: 1.5”, 2.1”, 4.2”, 7.5”. Each ESL has a different position and some have a different purposes.

The overall look and the ease of mounting the ESLs to the rails were equally as important. Together with M-Market, Opticon reviewed several options and did some tests. This way M-Market selected the solution that matched the overall look and feel in the store. Opticon made sure that the ESLs could be easily attached to the rail thanks to their wide range of mounting options.

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