Product News: OCR-B Reading

Publish date: 22-07-2016


Being one of the leading manufacturers in the field of barcode scanning, Opticon is continually improving the reading performance of their scanning devices.

As a result the following 2D Opticon scanners will be able to read the OCR-B font from passports:

  •  L-50X
  •  OPI-3601
  •  OPI-3301i
  •  OPN-3002i
  •  M-10
  •  NLV-3101
  •  H-27-2D
  •  H-32-2D
  •  MDI-3100 (scan engine)


The OCR-B font is used in various applications…
Think of the millions of passports, of which personal information (in OCR-B) has to be scanned every day all over the world. The Opticon 2D scanners are the perfect tool for achieving that purpose!

And there is more news…
DATAMATRIX and PDF417 codes can be read much easier and faster than before.