Rs-3000 launch

Increase your workers productivity and mobility by using the accurate 2D ring scanner RS-3000. There is no need to put down a handheld scanner, just continue picking up objects, scan and proceed. This is a big win in efficiency, it allows you to work faster and results in improved quality.  It is the ideal and reliable solution for warehouses, logistics and retail stores. 


The RS-3000 can easily be clicked onto ring scanner bracket to transform it into  wearable. Comfortable for all day use allowing your mobile workforce to quickly and safely scan barcodes.

Powerful scan engine

Extreme high-performance scan engine for stress-free scanning and fast response, even in the case of poor-quality barcodes. Scans up to 100 fps and the RS-3000 is configurable and programmable.

Bluetooth and NFC

The RS-3000 is Bluetooth 4.2 compliant that supports Bluetooth low energy  (BLE). It also holds a NFC tag for easy Bluetooth pairing and wireless charging with any Qi compatible charging pad or
charging via USB-C port.

All the features

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