The perfect collaboration for mobile solutions with Sensational

Sensational is an innovative software developer based in Switzerland that provides excellent mobile solutions for over 15 years. They are a satisfied reseller of Opticon’s H-28 Mobile Computer and the OPN-2001. With Opticon’s hardware and their mobile solution, Sensational has created a complete business-to-business app for distribution companies and their customers.

The Solution
Sensational developed an application for the H-28 that enables the user to scan, order and track products. After scanning the product the user can access information about the product, check the stock and order on the spot if needed. The distributor receives the order(s) and will process the delivery. This saves the user a lot of time and increases the efficiency of their stock management.

Sensational offers this complete solution to distributors, for example the food service provider Pistor, who in turn gives or lends it to their business customers to create a lasting partnership. It ensures that the user will order through Pistor. Both Pistor and the user benefit from this; for the user it is easier to order and to exercise more control over their inventory, Pistor benefits because they have an additional loyal customer.

The markets
The application is suitable for users in the healthcare and food service industry and provides them with the convenience of on the spot ordering of all kinds of consumables needed in that market. The user can choose between several suppliers, so they can pick the product that best suits their situation.

The software provided and developed by Sensational has a couple of customizable options to enable the distributors to expand their brand visibility.

Pistor is a satisfied user of Sensational’s application and the Opticon H-28. Read more about it in the case study.

“With the help of Sensational
we managed to launch a mobile
ordering system that was fully
adapted to our needs in a very
short time. The ambitious goals
were fully achieved.”

Werner Tschanz, Head of IT at Pistor

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