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Full Color Displays

Small and easy

Opticon’s 3.5”, full color display is your first step towards a more advanced communication to attract your customers’ attention. You just need to upload your images and determine the show time, and your slideshow is ready to go. You can adjust the backlight in 256 shades to accommodate the lighting needs of your store. If you have multiple ET-350 displays in your store, use our OseComm software to easily synchronize all displays with just one command.

The ET-350 can be easily integrated into various housings. For more information, contact your local representative.


Large and flexible

The 10” full color TFT display is ideal for promotional areas that you want to draw even more attention to. This flexible display can show video and is often used for fruits and vegetables areas, real estate, end-aisle promotional areas and locations where the label needs to be more visible such as room signs and upper level shelves. The 10” display can also be used as a business-grade tablet, hospitality terminal or room label.

Together, with the universal bracket, this solution provides stability and flexibility for mounting purposes.

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How does an Electronic Shelf Label system work?

With our Electronic Shelf Labels you can create a whole new level of customer experience, but how does such a system work? In this video, we will explain and talk about various aspects of the system to show you it is not really complicated as it maybe looks.