Opticon’s M-10 presentation scanner shows its versatility at BIO COMPANY

BIO COMPANY has been offering organic food since 1999 and now operates 65 shops in Berlin, Brandenburg, Dresden and Hamburg. The focus of the organic supermarket retailer is on a certified sustainable full range with a high proportion of regional goods.

BIO COMPANY was looking for a flexible and versatile handheld scanner that could be easily connected to the existing POS system and finally found what they were looking for at Opticon.

The Situation
After the successful launch of the physical BIO COMPANY customer card, its digitalization in the form of an app was introduced in 2020.

It was discovered that the existing scanners at BIO COMPANY cannot read from modern smartphone displays and that this could quickly lead to customer complaints.

As a result, a scanner was sought that could read a wide variety of barcodes from smartphone displays as well as from paper and that could be easily connected to the POS system via USB without much technical effort.

The aim was also to enable the local branch manager to connect his new scanner to the existing POS system in an uncomplicated way and without further support.

The Solution
After intensive testing of several brand products, BIO COMPANY’s IT- management decided in favour of the Opticon M-10 presentation scanner and installed it across all branches before the launch of the new smartphone app.

Today, the M-10 handheld scanner is used at the checkout as well as at bakery counters, in restaurants, for corporate customer cards and for employee, daycare, customer and discount cards in the BIO COMPANY stores.

Due to the Corona protection measures, the scanner was mounted on metal rails at the cash registers so that customers can reach the scanner safely and contactless.

“The main reason for switching to the Opticon M-10 scanner was its ability to read a wide variety of barcodes directly from the smartphone display, while being presented in a customer-friendly and easily accessible way in our stores.

Our customers can use the M-10 to easily scan their loyalty card, as well as discount coupons, quickly and easily from their smartphone. The M-10 can also be used universally via USB (similar to a keyboard). The quick availability, especially during the Corona phase, and the possibility to test the device have further strengthened the decision for the M-10 scanner.”

Martin Kreimes, BIO COMPANY

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