Paperless production control with Opticon’s ESL solution

Fraefel AG is a Swiss furniture manufacturer and a leader in the production of high-quality bathroom furniture and furniture collections, as well as an expert in the processing of sophisticated ceramic and quartz stone surfaces.

The cooperation between Opticon and Fraefel AG started in 2019, and the furniture manufacturer’s focus since then has been on ESLs and EBS products.

The manual, paper-based production control with many documents, collection boxes and internal coordination efforts proved to be costly and time-consuming for Fraefel AG. In addition, there was the susceptibility to errors due to manual input or missing documents. The customer’s goal was to eliminate the production papers by implementing digital ESL displays.

The Solution
The advantage of using ESLs is the dynamic connection of the ESL server to the ERP system. Through the combination of ESLs and mobile scanners, production orders are identified and automatically updated using barcodes.

This primarily includes the following stages:

  • Release
  • Bill of materials complete
  • In production
  • Completed

Opticon’s ESL solutions offer the possibility of setting up differentiated templates per status for the entire process. The production employee receives additional information on the displays, for example, changes to deadlines or quantities, cancellations or dynamic missing parts information, all completely paperless and up-to-date at all times.

In addition to the wide range of functions of the ESL solution and the mobile use of the displays, the qualified advice from the Opticon sales team was also decisive in the decision to use the EE-420R labels. In addition, a test environment was set up quickly and easily, which was also integrated in an uncomplicated way thanks to the freely available software.

“As the ESL software is freely available, we were able to program and test the entire connection ourselves. In case of problems, however, we still had the exemplary support of Opticon. We are very satisfied with the current version of the software and the use of the displays in everyday life.”

Markus Abderhalden
Operations Manager, Fraefel AG

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