Parkrun Event Timing Application

Parkrun organise free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. Although events are free to enter, Parkrun know that it is important to continually motivate runners to improve their performances.

Electronic Reading Systems (ERS) have developed a timing system using the Opticon portable Companion Scanner with built-in barcode scanner and memory. A custom application was developed for the scanner that allows each participant to have their completion time to be recorded, using simple button presses.

Each runner is automatically emailed their results on the same day as each event that they attend. Furthermore, the results are posted on the Parkrun website, along with historical results and stats including age group records and age-graded performances.

In order to achieve this, a reliable, user friendly (timing is taken care of by volunteers) method of recording runners’ times, together with a straightforward method by which those times could be collated for rapid sharing within the parkrun community, was required.

Parkrun approached Electronic Reading Systems – a long-time partner of Opticon, to see if there was a more efficient way of collecting and compiling the data needed. Being a non commercial organisation, parkrun were also keen to minimise their financial exposure too!

The OPN-2002 provides the following features:

  • Simple data input
  • Easy data storage
  • Bluetooth connectivity

For more information, download the PDF file.

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