Secure data management with the PX-20

For more than 100 years, Bromberger Verpackungen GmbH has been a synonym for innovative packaging solutions, emotive product placements and unusual promotional concepts.

As a manufacturer of food packaging, the traceability of products is of fundamental importance to the company. In the daily workflow, numerous barcodes have to be captured and later documented in the work order. Therefore, the company was looking for a mobile and small scanner that can scan and store all types of codes. In addition, the scanner should be able to transfer the collected data to the computer in a predefined order at the push of a button and delete the data after the transfer is completed.

Through recommendation of the company Kalisch Computerkassen, a partner of Opticon, Bromberger drew attention to the barcode scanners of Opticon.

In order to guarantee the security of the data at all times, it was essential for the customer that the employees could actively transfer the data to the company’s BDE-system using the simplest of means on the computer provided. Loading and transferring the data via USB should be possible on any PC.

For this purpose, the scanner had to be adapted to the individual requirements of the customer’s work process.

The Solution
The programmable Companion Scanner PX-20 of Opticon was adapted to the customer’s requirements to display the desired process flow as follows:

The customer scans various barcodes during the production and transfers them to the BDE-system via a USB cable. To start the data transfer, the customer manually clicks the upper scan button for 3 seconds. The data is transferred in a desired format into an input window.

After checking the data, the employee can delete the data on the scanner by pressing the lower function button for 5 seconds. This offers the customer full control of the data management and prevents accidental deletion.

This adaptation gives Bromberger complete control over its data exchange and thus ensures the traceability of the data in its own BDE-system.

“For us it was important that the scanner can scan any number of codes offline and mobile, especially 2D codes, and then transfer
them to our existing BDE-system after connecting to the PC.”

Christof Bromberger
CEO of Bromberger Verpackungen GmbH

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