Laser, small form factor, 100 sps


The MSL-1400 is a 1D laser scan engine that scans at a speed of 100 scans per second and is undecoded. It generates digital output and is very small in form, making it easy to incorporate into your next OEM project. If you are looking for a sturdy scan engine keep on reading.

Low power consumption

The MSL-1400 is a small laser scan engine that uses little power while operating. It scans at a speed of a 100 scans per second and communicates the scanned information through digital output via a 10 pin FFC connector. This engine is undecoded which means that the engine scans the barcodes using laser light and outputs the imagers in logic level signal. The engine can be turned on and off by external signals as “POWER EN” and the laser light emission of this scan engine can be controlled via external input signal “LASER EN”.  The MSL-1400’s power consumption is remarkable low, enabling it to function very well in mobile devices that are reliant on batteries.

This is an engine that can be fully controlled but will require some technical knowledge to incorporate into your OEM Project. If you want to read all the technical details, please have a look in the leaflet.

Features of the MSL-1400

The MSL-1400 is a good engine and here is why:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Undecoded laser barcode scan engine, so you are fully in control
  • Features a 650 nm visible laser diode that scans bi-directionally
  • Extremely fast scan rate of 100 scans/second
  • Small size makes it easy to mount and integrate into space constrained areas
  • Digital output: 10 pin FFC connector with SOS (start of Scan) and Signal (digitized barcode signal) lines
  • Programmable software with a wide variety of options
  • Low profile, rectangular scan engine-dimensions of 28 x 8 x 14 mm, weighs 8.4 grams
  • Engineering kit available-enables faster time to market
  • Two year warranty

The MSL-1400 is used in OEM project that require a small engine that can scan at a high speed while having low power consumption. These markets include postal, healthcare, warehouses, logistics and ticketing. This scan engine is popular by customers and partners that are looking for a good engine that is undecoded because this way the customer of partner is completely in control of the engine and its software.

Additional information

Form factor

Reading type

Light source

650 nm visibele laser diode

Scan method

Bi-directional scanning

Scan rate

100 scans / seconds

Drop test

Packed in dummy case 1.8 m / 6 ft drop onto concrete surface


30,000 hours except laser diode (10.000 hours) and except mirror scan unit (10,000 hours)

Dimensions (WxHxD)

28 x 8 x 14 mm / 1.1 x 0.32 x 0.55 in

Weight body

Ca. 8.4 g / 0.3 oz

Product compliance

RoHS, IEC 60825-1 : 2014, EN60825-1: 2014 Class 1

Sold separately

MEK-3100 SDK (with power supply, RS232 cable, USB cable, PCBs)



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