Scalable access control systems

Adon Development develops scalable access control systems for businesses, gastronomy and events. Opticon and Adon have been working together for many years on professional scanning solutions in the field of access control.

The Situation
For the ice rink in Grefrath, Germany, Adon constructed a modern designed rotation lock for admission control and were looking for a scanner that could quickly read and decode all common barcodes from different surfaces.

The T6 rotation lock has been developed as a component of a complex access control system. It has also been developed for stationary and mobile
use and installed at the entrance of the ice rink.

The T6 consists of locking arms, a terminal head with a barcode reader to scan the tickets. The terminal and drive are separated by a light ring. The light ring signals the status of the lock.

To ensure fast, secure and convenient access control, Adon was looking for a high-performance scanning module that could be easily integrated into the existing infrastructure.

“The M-11 scanner is integrated into our T6 rotation lock model. We chose the M-11 scanner from Opticon because it has a very good reading performance, a large scanning area and can read different-sized ‘print@home’ tickets as well as ‘mobile phone tickets’ in our tests.”

Peter Mooshage, Head of Engineering,
Adon Development GmbH

Download the case study here.

The Solution
Adon Development chose to implement the M-11 scanner of Opticon, which was built into the terminal. Thanks to its omni-directional reading feature and fast scan engine, the presentation scanner reads 2D-barcodes and QR-codes quickly and reliably from almost any medium.

It also reads from difficult angles, barcodes of lesser quality and enables the use of tickets of different sizes and smartphones.

When there is a valid ticket, the motor turns the locking arms in a forward direction to signal the release to the user. By moving the arms in a forward direction or detection of the movement by an infrared light barrier, the motor support is activated in the access/entry direction. Once access has been granted, the rotating arms lock into the horizontal position with the support of a magnetic brake. The terminals allow up to 40 people per minute to pass. A screen is integrated on top of the terminal, in which messages are displayed in plain text.

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