Opticon M-11: The latest omni-directional scanner

Opticon introduces the multifaceted omni-directional scanner. The M-11 is perfectly suited for the POS solutions on the counter in retail or embedded as a built-in ticketing, passport and other ID scanning solutions. Our high performance 2D CMOS Imager along with a well thought out design makes the new Opticon M-11 the perfect solution for your business!

The M-11 is perfectly suitable for parking areas and ticketing among other applications. The combination of an impressive design, ease of use and an excellent price-performance ratio makes the M-11 the ideal solution for point-of sales (POS) check-out applications, reading barcodes from mobile phones in mobile marketing applications and document handling within banks and post offices.

m-11 2D Omni Directional scanner scanning packaging in pharmacy

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