Opticon MDI-4100: New Ultra-thin 2D imager engine

Publish date: 07-09-2016

MDI-4100 from the front

Opticon has expanded its range of OEM scan engines by introducing an ultra-thin 2D Imager: the MDI-4100.

With its extremely small size measuring just 10mm thickness, the MDI-4100 can be easily integrated into the most compact devices and spaces such as POS Systems, PDA’s, companion scanners, handheld terminals and ticket readers.

The MDI-4100 reads 1D and 2D barcodes, and also OCR-B font within numerous applications such as access control, time and attendance, price checking and verification. With green and white LED illumination the MDI-4100 allows users to easily identify which barcode they wish to read. The high speed decoder delivers rapid reading performance even when reading poorly printed and damaged codes, or reading codes on LCD screens of mobile phones, PDA’s and computers.

The MDI-4100 boasts advanced features such as low and adjustable power consumption, an integrated high performance decoder, a powerful 800MHz processor, and a high-speed CMOS image sensor scanning 100 frames per second. In addition, the new function “Data Editing Program” captures up to 16 codes on multiple images in one go. The output editing process, such as GS1 format for example, can also be easily configured.

Opticon’s new ultra-slim MDI-4100 is a fast scan engine equipped with both RS232C and USB interfaces which makes this compact engine a must for any integrator looking for the next best engine.