EE-Range ESL Mounting

Intelligent shelf management


We provide a variety of secure, durable, and aesthetically pleasing ESL shelf mounting options and accessories. Our broad product range is compatible with the most popular shelving systems. Many of our shelf profiles are lightweight, which supports easy, cost-effective migration from traditional paper labels to e-paper labels. In many instances, only the label needs to be changed, which allows for efficient and intelligent shelf management.

You can download the folder with mounting options for the EE-Range ESL’s in the tab Downloads.

Opticon ESL Range creates a new customer experience

Something as technical as an ESL can easily be explained through an animation. Opticon offers a variety of ESL and with Opticon ESL you can display your product on a whole new level. Next to normal E-paper modules, Opticon has also powered E-papers modules (without a battery) with features such as NFC and LED. With the NFC feature it is possible to create a new payment method and with LED you can attract people’s attention.



With our Electronic Shelf Labels you can create a whole new level of customer experience, but how does such a system work? In this video, we will explain and talk about various aspects of the system to show you it is not really complicated as it may look.