Full flexibility on your content


The 10” full color TFT display is developed for promotional areas when you need to draw even more attention by having full flexibility on your content. This display is full color and is perfect to show dynamic content such as videos and slideshows that diversify your business. The ET-1002 is often used to promote fruit and vegetables, as well as on end of the aisle promotions or at locations where the label needs to catch the eye, such as room signs and upper level shelves.

You will see the 10” display to be suitable for other purposes such as a room label or a hospitality terminal to show the menu and daily special. Real estate is fond of this solution as it enables them to show more images and videos of the real estate on just one ‘sheet’, keeping their visitors attention even longer. Not to forget the travel agencies because their market and promotions change frequently. The ET-1002 allows them to do that on the spot and attract visitors into their store.

Content is easy to change on the ET-1002. Simply connect the ET-1002 to a host pc and drag & drop your file or use the Wi-Fi connection to establish this. When powering the ET-1002 the new content is shown immediately.

There are several ways to mount your ET-1002 for your purpose. If you need to apply it to your existing systems or need a special powered window solution, Opticon can advise you in these various mounting options, which are standards in the market or can be tailored made to your needs.

How we describe the ET-1002

The Opticon ET-1002 is a 10 inch full color display aimed to attract attention to your audience. With its capabilities to show videos and slideshows the results are endless. The easy way to change content makes it an even greater solution for the rapid changes in the various markets and marketing promotions.


  • Full color display
  • Dynamic content; videos and images
  • Increases interaction with customers
  • Large 10” display
  • Content management via Wi-Fi or USB
  • Charging via power supply
  • Wi-Fi 2.4 and 5 GHz

The ET-1002 is applicable to all kinds of retail, food industry, real estate, travel agencies, cosmetics industry, hospitality and healthcare. Any market that wants to stand out and act differently will find the ET-1002 a perfect solution.


Adapt to The Changing Environment with the Opticon Full Color Display

Opticon’s ET-1002 offers a full-color 10-inch display to feature various images and videos as needed. The screen content of the ET-1002 can be updated to provide a unique experience for each customer, regardless of location via Wi-Fi or directly via USB. Always be one step ahead of your own displays with Opticon’s ET-1002 and always keep your messaging relevant.