L-50 series

Sophisticated ergonomic design


The L-50 is a versatile product that comes in several settings to make sure it fits your situation perfectly. This pistol styled handheld scanner is equipped with an auto-trigger for hands-free scanning or a trigger button for handheld scanning. Besides the high scanning performance, it is also possible to customize this handheld scanner. You can place your own logo on top of the scanner and therefore expand your brand visibility.

The L-50 comes in three different editions, making this product custom to your everyday need. The L-50R comes with a 1D laser scanner, the L-51X has a 2D engine, which can be found here, and the L-50C has a CCD scanner. All the these scanners come with a complimentary stand while the L-50R also comes with an exchangeable USB/RS232 cable. The product is also built to withstand drops from 1.5 meters onto concrete and is IP42 with a long cable of 2 meters.

The beauty of this range is that it provides the ability for branding. Your brand, slogan, or print of choice can be displayed on top of the handheld scanner, expanding your brand visibility. This is the first product produced by Opticon that is self-customizable and does not rely on order quantities.

The handheld scanner does not require any technical know-how to set it up and the set-up only takes a few minutes, therefore the L-50 is an intuitive and quick scanner that gets you started right away.

A few highlights why the L-50 scanner should be your next purchase:

  • Customization
  • Auto-trigger option for hands-free scanning
  • Your choice for the engine
  • Plug and play

The L-50 really shines in service settings; healthcare for wristband scanning, retail for scanning products, and scanning e-tickets from mobile phones at festivals or other social gatherings. The usage of this handheld scanner often decides what type of engine should be inside the scanner. Because of the complementary stand, that activates the auto-trigger, this handheld scanner is perfect for hands-free scanning.

Additional information

Form factor


Reading type


Communication interface



DB9 pin (with external power supply)


ver. 2.0, HID/VCP, USB-A connector

Light source

L-50C: 624 nm, red LED
L-50R: red laser, 650 nm

Scan method

L-50C: CCD linear image sensor,1500 pixels
L-50R: 650 nm red laser diode, bi-directional scanning

Scan rate

L-50C: 300 scans/sec
L-50R: Up to 100 scans / second

Drop test

1.5 m / 5 ft drop onto concrete surface

IP rating

Dimensions (WxHxD)

75.4 x 169.5 x 121.2 mm / 2.97 x 6.67 x 4.77 in

Dimensions Stand (WxHxD)

106 x 323 x 146 mm / 4.17 x 12.72 x 5.75 in (excl. scanner)

Cable length

2.0 m

Weight body

Ca. 145 g / 5.1 oz (excl. cable)

Weight stand

Ca. 335 g / 11.8 oz

Product compliance

CE, FCC, VCCI, RoHS, IEC/EN62471-1:2006, EN55022, EN55024