MDI-4000 series

A Reliable Scan Engine

The MDI-4000 series is perhaps the best currently available reliable scanning engine. It consists of an extremely fast camera that quickly takes a picture of the barcode and decodes it. Its size is astonishing; it is a mere 10mm thickness (MDI-41×0) or 6mm for the separated decoder version (MDI-40×0). This scan engine is a must-have for every engineer that is serious about taking scanning to the next level.


A few highlights that make the MDI-4×00 the best engine we made so far:

  • Smaller than ever
  • Scanning 100 frames per second
  • 1D and 2D scanning
  • Functions very well on imperfect printed barcodes
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The MDI-4000 is used in all kinds of integrated products and devices to perform any high end task. Because MDI-4000 is versatile in its application it can be integrated into any product that needs state of the art scanning. This engine can be used at kiosks, self-services that need scanning or parking ticket machines.

How we describe the MDI-4000 series

This is the smallest engine ever made by Opticon, but don’t let its size fool you. With this engine integrated in your product it can handle scanning smoothly providing the user with a pleasant user experience. This engine is packing a powerful 800MHz with an integrated high performance decoder so it can decode 1D & 2D barcodes  and OCR-B font faster then ever. This engine is the very best with a high quality CMOS camera good for a maximum of 100 frames scanned per second. Whenever it scans from paper, LCD, mobile phones, computer or PDA’s the MDI-4000 can read it perfectly. Even on poor printed or damaged barcodes it performs very well. The green and white LED is there to give the user a visual feedback to their scanning.

With GS1 as one of the output editing processes, and an RS-232C and USB interface, the MDI-41×0  is very easy to configure to your liking. This engine proves to be the best Opticon has ever produced, interested? Read all the specs and details in the leaflet.

For the testing and evaluating of this scan engine we have a development board, the MEK-3100. This separately sold development kit enables you to evaluate the scan engine without the need to develop any electronics or cables. Take a look at the kit here.

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