Scan engine development kit


The MEK-3100 is a universal development kit for Opticon scan engines that you can use to evaluate the scan engines without the need to develop any electronics or cables. With this kit you easily connect a scan engine to a computer either via RS-232 or USB (provided this interface is supported by that engine). It has all the accessories you need to kick start the process of testing our Opticon scan engines.


The MEK-3100 scan engine development kit contains the following items:

  • FFC cable with contacts on the opposite sides
  • FFC cable with contacts on the same side
  • RS-232 interface cable
  • USB interface cable
  • AC adapter with international power plugs
  • 2 screws M2x5
  • 4 PCB standoffs

If you are looking for more in-depth information about this huge help in testing, please contact your local representative.


The development kit is perfect for engineers who want to evaluate our scan engines for integration into a specific product. The related PC software and online available documentation gets you exploring the possibilities of the scan engines in just a few minutes.

How we describe the MEK-3100

The MEK-3100 is all you need to start working with the Opticon scan engines. It contains all the hardware that you need to get started: Two types of FFC cable, two interface cables (RS-232 and USB) and an AC adapter with universal power plugs. Additionally it has two M2x5 screws to fixate the scan engine to the board. This kit is designed to make the laborious testing process a little easier.

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