Stationary barcode scanners are the easiest way to integrate a scanner component into your product or business process. The NLV-1001 is one of these stationary barcode scanners. With this barcode scanner, you don’t have to keep pulling the trigger or pushing the button to scan. In fact, just a flip of the switch and NLV-1001 will do all the scanning work for you.


The highlights why NLV-1001 is the perfect  barcode scanner to integrate:

  • Compact engine
  • Automatic scanning
  • Flexible mounting
  • Scanning speed of 100 scans per second
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The NLV-1001 is often bought for its ability to scan automatically with the auto-trigger option that enables the scanning to be done hands free. Because of this it is an obvious choice for companies who seek to automate their business process or by those who seek to relieve the manual labor of scanning with an systematic solution. Therefor, scanners like these are often found in logistics, parking ticket machines and postal services that want to automatically process all items coming in and out.

How we describe the NLV-1001

The NLV-1001 is a rugged scanner that is ideal for applications that demand high performance and a good durability. The NLV-1001 is special because it is equipped with an automatic trigger that can be switched on and off. Therefore it is the perfect stationary scanner to optimize your business process with. Furthermore, the laser performs at 100 scans per second and is equipped with a compact ABS housing with multiple mounting options for easy integration in your product.. In addition. the NLV-1001 is available with a RS-232, USB and keyboard wedge interface to fit your design or implementation wishes. The size, without cable, is 30 x 20 x 43.3 mm and weights in at 18.5 g. In conclusion, the NLV-1001 is a compact and fast stationary scanner.

If you would like to read all the specs in detail, please look in the leaflet.

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