RE-294 NFC

2.9 inch ESL Rechargeable NFC + LED


What diversifies the RE-294 from our traditional ESL solution, is that it contains a rechargeable battery. This enables you to use the ESL stand alone without having to worry about its lifetime. The battery lasts for 24 hours by normal use and is recharged in less than an hour.

On top of that the added value of active NFC, LED indicators, and sound feedback enables you to use customer loyalty cards, payment, and even pick-to-display solutions. The LED can be used as an indicator for a certain action, to attract attention or to find a product in a store/warehouse. When you develop a custom-made application, you can add even more functionalities to the Opticon RE-range that gives your customer control of their shopping experience, or you can use the application for your own purposes such as updating content on the e-paper.

The Opticon RE-range has a slim fit to make the shelf and store look neat and making an impact on the consumer. The dedicated power rail recharges the ESL within an hour, which makes the RE-range a carefree solution by not having to swap batteries in due time and having full freedom in its position in your store/warehouse. The RE-range creates the ‘wow-experience’ we are all looking for.

Another added value is the easy installment. Within a day, depending on the store size, you are set to go. To provide more insight into the installment and all accessories, we refer you to the brochure on PE-range Accessories which work on the same rail system as for the RE-range.

How we describe the RE-294 NFC

The RE-294 is a carefree, fully graphical 2.9-inch e-paper based ESL with active NFC and LED. With its black and white colors, it grabs the attention and adds a bright and clear overview of your business. It is perfect for dynamic customer interaction in stores, payment purposes, and warehouses. The RE-range has a modern look and also comes in a NFC A and B chip giving you full flexibility on the payment methods. De dedicated power rail and accessories guarantee a quick installment.


By using the dedicated Opticon ESL Server software, updating or changing content on the RE-294 is made easy. You can use an Opticon scanning device and scan the barcode on the ESL label, update the information on the scanning device. Now you are ready to send the update to the server using the wireless communication technology of the scanning device.


This is why the RE-294 should be in your business:

  • Compact high-resolution display
  • Rechargeable battery giving full flexibility
  • Active NFC reader, all chips available
  • Sound feedback
  • Quick recharging via a rail system

The RE-294 is applicable in the retail, the hospitality, the pharmaceutical industry and logistics. Any industry that wants to replace the archaic paper labels with digital labels, interact with its users and needs the ultimate flexibility of ESL world. This is the perfect solution when your aim is to run an efficient business.

Additional information


Typical 25 meter indoor; 100 meter open-field

Radio frequency

2.4 GHz (2405 – 2480 MHz)

Radio transmission speed

Up to 250 kbps


IEEE 802.15.4 based

No. of ESL’s per base station


Power supply

dedicated power rail, 12V

Max operating current

max 80mA at 12V per label, while charging empty battery


rechargeable, 135mAh Li-ion

Battery charging time

approx. 1 hour


2.9’’, 296 x 128 pixels (WxH), black and white

Active area

66.9 x 29.06 mm (WxH)

Pixel Pitch

112 dpi



Dimensions (WxHxD)

92.3 x 42.2 x 11.3 mm / 3.63 x 1.66 x 0.44 in


Ca. 33.2 g / 1.17 oz

Product compliance

FCC, RoHS, EN 60950-1, IEC 60950-1, EN55022, EN55024, WEEE

Unmanned store

An animation of our seamless shopping solution with active NFC in our Electronic Shelf Labels enables a new way of shopping for the customer.


Our Active NFC in our powered e-paper labels enables the customer to shop with customer cards, debit & credit cards, and mobile phones (Android & Apple). After the customer chooses their preferred payment method, a virtual shopping basket is created. The customer gathers his/her groceries by tapping the label and grabbing the products. When the customer is done shopping, he/she can check the contents in the accompanying store app and proceed to the check-out. To complete the purchase, the customer just has to tap the NFC card and confirm the transaction.

Dedicated infrastructure

Mounting options

We provide a variety of secure, durable and esthetically pleasing ESL shelf mounting options and accessories. Our broad product range is compatible with the most popular shelving systems. Many of our shelf profiles are lightweight, which supports easy, cost-effective migration from traditional paper labels to e-paper labels. In many instances, only the label needs to be changed, which allows for efficient and intelligent shelf management.