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Today’s retailer needs to respond quickly and effectively to frequent market changes to optimize and enhance their store operations. Opticon Display Solutions address these critical factors of the process: pricing, promotion and cost.

Price control

Electronic Shelf Label (ESL) is a digital price tag that conveniently presents prices, product details, promotions and images. Use ESL to instantly and accurately execute price changes from a centralized location. ESL ensures that your data is accurate and eliminates price discrepancies between the shelf and the checkout. ESL also improves your customers’ experience, reduces checkout time and presents a positive brand image.

Promotional possibilities

Fierce competition requires a strategic pricing policy. ESL and full color displays allow you to set up promotions responsively. For example, if you need to reduce prices to encourage sales and reduce waste on fruit and vegetables at the end of the day, you can easily set up a promotion. ESL also support graphics and one spot color.

Productivity increase

Using Opticon Display Solutions eliminates the need to manually adjust and maintain product prices and information. You can use your staff more efficiently to refill the shop, serve your customers and perform other store operational tasks.


  • Ensures accurate and reliable pricing
  • Enables on-demand, real-time pricing promotions
  • Maximum responsiveness
  • Improves margin and increases sales
  • Reduces waste and labor costs
  • Enhances customer loyalty and satisfaction

How does it work

From your company headquarters or back office, you can easily install, monitor and update Opticon Display Solutions at your local stores. Use the software on your PC to create label layouts and save templates. You can also connect the software to all your ERP and data sources.

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How does an Electronic Shelf Label system work?

With our Electronic Shelf Labels you can create a whole new level of customer experience, but how does such a system work? In this video, we will explain and talk about various aspects of the system to show you it is not really complicated as it maybe looks.