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The cabled barcode scanner has been a trusted and prevalent device for point of sale services for decades. Since 1976 Opticon has been dedicated to developing and manufacturing world-class 1D and 2D scanning solutions. Opticon has maintained its industry leadership by redesigning and reinventing the standards of cabled scanners to fit the demands of its many modern uses.

The handheld scanners can easily be used to complement and optimize your process or service. The most commonly found scanner is the cabled handheld barcode scanner and not without reason as the handheld is suitable for a wide audience.

Is Opticon’s Cabled Scanner right for me?

Opticon’s cabled scanners deliver functionality, reliability, and improved features to enhance operational efficiencies in any application from the checkout line to the hospital room. The Opticon scanner ensures accuracy in all areas of applications whether it be retail, healthcare, transportation and logistics, manufacturing, hospitality, warehousing, field services, and more.

The Opticon cabled scanner ensures accuracy in all customer transactions and it automates paper-based inventory processes. The scanner easily integrates multiple interfaces to help ensure connectivity to a host and PC system. Either via USB or serial connectors.

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